5 thoughts on “Why do cats always like to smell people's feet?”

  1. Because the kitten rely on smelling the smell and identifying the breath of others, I think it should be a more smell of human beets, so the kitten likes to smell the feet to feel its owner's breath.

  2. Maybe this cat likes to eat stinky salted fish, because the taste of your feet is no different from stinky fish, so it will like to smell your feet and make sure if it is its food.

  3. It may be the habit of a cat. The cat has a sensitive sense of smell. It may be just that the condition of your cat does not mean that all cats are like this, or this cat likes you better.

  4. Cat is a kind of animal that likes to smell the smell. This is also a kind of intimacy. It wants to remember this smell and remember people who make it feel good, so cats always like to smell the feet.

  5. Because there are a lot of sweating on our human body, and if the cat keeps licking our feet, it means that its body may lack salt, that is, sodium elements. At this time, the owner should add salt to the cat in time.

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