5 thoughts on “How did the cat come after catching the mouse?”

  1. How to deal with it depends on the mood of the cat. The cat can't run it without eating mice directly. That's because the cat is the old flower eye and it can't be accurately grasped at the bottom of the mouse. On the contrary, it is in the distance. The cat saw it clearly, so the cat seemed to tease the mouse because it couldn't see it clearly. It wasn't until the mouse couldn't run the cat and finally grabbed the mouse. If the stomach is hungry, you will eat it after being killed. If you are not hungry, you will ignore it.

  2. The timid cat will play with mice, and then let it go (most of these cats eat cooked meat). Bold cats eat mice, (these cats eat raw meat)

  3. Don't eat it immediately after catching it, put it in your hand, let it go, grab it back, grab it back, and let it go until you are tired, then hold the mouse to find a hidden place to eat

  4. Just play him as a toy,

    let go and let him run, and then grab him back.

    Sugs until the mouse was shocked and frightened, so he lost him.

    The cats that are rarely raised are generally raised, and some of them do n’t even know anything.

  5. Play!

    The I have seen how cats have played with mice
    I have to admire the creativity of the cat

    grab a wide place

    and then let go of
    The mouse is very happy, trying to escape

    The cat grab it back


    When the mouse is exhausted, start to enjoy the deliciousness

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