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  1. Sergland folding ear cat (detail introduction)
    This catthrophus will mainly occur on cats with poor malnutrition and resistance. At the same time, drug treatment. It should be noted that catthrophus is contagious. The owner should pay attention to disinfection at home and isolate the cat into a separate area to prevent infection.
    1. Careful use of gray pantomycin, especially minors under one year of age, because all of the oral medicines that kill Divine Sterilization are very damaged to the liver, which will cause cat liver dysfunction in the future, leaving the root cause of the disease. Essence If a cat is not a large area of ​​cats in the whole body, do not easily take oral medications for gray orbacidin or other fungi. Even if the cat suffers from severe cat ringworm, it must be mashed or crushed into powder when taking gray yellowedin. It should not take more than 2 weeks.
    2. The recovery of cats after cats suffer from catthrophism has a lot to do with the cat's physique. It turns out that a good cat with good physical conditions has a short period of rehabilitation. Cats with poor physical conditions have a long recovery time and may be long (more than 2 months or longer). But in any case, treatment must be patient. Do not have cat ringworm because of cats, hair removal of hair, and becoming ugly, you will abandon him. Cat ringworm is definitely not a fatal disease. Basically, it has little impact on the health of the cat, so you must be patient.
    3. After cats suffer from cat ringworm, in addition to topical drugs such as clonazole, the important point is to supplement nutrition and bask in the sun. During this period, the nutrition of cat food should be strengthened. In addition, the vitamin supplement "Ban Mimao" for cats is used for cats. The effect is the same, one daily). Supplemental time can take a little longer, 3, 4 months, or half a year. Even after cat ringworm, you can continue to feed to enhance your physique. Let the cats be exposed to the sun as much as possible.
    4. The home environment should be diligent and disinfected, especially the nest where cats often sleep, cushions, spray with a pet environment disinfection in the pet environment diluted as required every day. Wipe the disinfection solution can effectively prevent the spread of ringworm.
    5. Large -scale hair removal that has appeared on cats. Of course, it is characterized by heavy cat ringworm. In addition to external drugs such as coclinazole, you must also pay attention to discovering timely in time of the cat on the cat on the cat's body. Newly growing cat ringworm. The method is that after the cat is used to finish the medicine every day, follow the hair, and use both hands to close the cat's skin from the head to the tail. Take a look, you can find a small piece of scabs, and there is a small bunch of dandruff next to it, which is the newly long cat ringworm. Don't forget to apply the medicine. If these parts also develop into a large area of ​​hair removal, It is even more difficult to treat. The earlier discovery, the easier the treatment is, everyone understands this reason.
    This catthrophus develops rapidly on cats, often it is a piece of long one, so when applying the medicine, you should apply the surroundings of the ward to avoid spreading. It is also necessary to cut off nearby hair. Also, it is good for its skin to expose the sun.

  2. My family meow is also a cat ringworm. My Ming Ruining I use it. The effect is good. The doctor said that if I do n’t use it, I will get any fungal needles. It ’s good.
    Ilaboratory cats have a cat ringworm on the cat. I had been passed on catthical, so I didn't cure myself! Intersection Intersection Pay more attention to hygiene. After touching it, you must wash your hands. Essence
    . Essence I know so much, thank you for the invitation.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer HellonAsk the cat's hind legs to peel and drop the scab is a cat moss?nAnswer the cat ringworm on the skin should also be used with antifungal ointment, such as nitrate nitrate and phenylzole can control cat ringworm. However, it must be noted that after the symptoms are relieved, you must also apply it for 2-4 weeks, so that the fungal reaction of the skin can be thoroughly treated.nCatcutors refer to a kind of inflammatory response to the skin caused by pet cats, which is a fungal infection. First of all, it is necessary to be diagnosed in a professional hospital whether it is a cat ringworm. Generally, the diagnosis of cat ringworm is also relatively simple. The main points are: 1. The medical history has been exposed to pet cats and hugs the cat; 2. Surgery, accompanied by itching, and scales; 3. Scrape the scales. Observation under the microscope is the ingredients that can find fungi to be diagnosed with catthia. After the diagnosis, there are the following points: 1. Avoid contact with pet cats, including the sheets and bedding of cats, and the bedding must be disinfected or exposed to the sun; EssencenQuestionnnIs this a cat moss?nHelp look at [Zuoyu]nAnswer this photo is too confusednAnd cat moss also passed onnMore 9nBleak

  4. If it is determined to be a ringworm, that is, a fungal infection, you can use the Pan Ruisatong used by someone. But if it is caused by mites, it is necessary to use insect repellent. Can be taken internally or external, Ivei.

  5. My cat has had this before. Fortunately, I gave the cat in time. Now the cat's skin condition is not bad. I haven't recurred. It's completely good, now I am soaked in the cat once in January, which can play a preventive effect

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