1 thought on “How to surround the cat garden in the villa”

  1. Raise cats. It is believed to be a free activity space for the pets that can be raised at home. I believe it is something that every shoveling officer dreams of the dream, which can enjoy the sun and rain dew in the outdoors without worrying about it. Or other risks that are similar to things.
    , in China, such a space is not very good, unless it is in an empty countryside, even if it is a villa with a yard, there will be an exclusive space by yourself. The possibility of illegal construction.
    The German shoveling officer, looking at his idle yard, and the cats at home, moved the idea of ​​building a cat park, a German shoveling officer, watching it. With his own idle yard and the cats at home, he moved the idea of ​​building a cat park.
    The brothers and sisters to explore all corners of the park everywhere, and some of them eloquent. Sunshine bath.
    The people who are puzzled by why they want to rent such a large house, but the thoughts have their own ideas. He rented this villa and hoped to make it look like his favorite.

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