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  1. In recent years, cats are nicknamed "cat owner" with their own unique temperament, which is the heart of many people. The furry and cute cat really made people have no resistance, and the whole person was melted by its "meow". But cats sometimes like to be on human body. What does it mean?
    . Refer to the close
    Is all know that cats are very cold animals. Even in the face of his own master, he often ignores it. When Gao Leng's cat's initiative to slap on you, this also means that the cat's closeness and love for you. From the perspective of the division of the animal's territory, cats take the initiative to rush on a person, or it may mean the meaning of ownership. It means that you are it, it likes you very much. As a result, it leaves its smell on your body and does not allow other animals to harass or rob you. That is, the meaning of recognition in the animal field.
    . It means that the cat has a very cute appearance in the coquettish
    . Its large eyes, fluffy hair, small ears and paws are very cute weapons. Cats may also know that they are very cute for humans, and they often use their cuteness to coquettish to achieve some of their own goals. Cat owners often find that when their own cat owner wants something or achieves some purpose, they will use their fluffy bodies to sell shovel officers to sell cute, and then achieve their own purposes. Essence The coquettish cat owner often wants some kind of snacks, or wants to play with the shoveling officer to play with himself. Therefore, don't underestimate the coquettish cats, in fact, they are very smart.
    . It means in estrus
    We often see a few cats walking on the streets and alleys, and sometimes even a big cat leads a few kittens. In fact, cats do not have a period of estrus in biological laws in a strict sense. Moreover, the reproduction rate of cats is also very high. Cats without sterilization often feel anxious during the estrus. Cats during the estrus period will have obvious irritability, irritability, emotional instability, decreased food volume, and so on.
    At this time, some cats will express their situation through actively to take their own owner. It should be noted that the cats at this time will have strong aggressiveness and need to deal with it carefully. Therefore, the owner can take a cat to sterilize according to the actual situation. The above is the possible situations where cats may exist. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, this is hungry, remind you to feed hernAsk me to feed himnIf the answer is still called, there is only one possibility, you want you to play with him, it sticks to younQuestnIs it estrus?nThe answer is the male or the mother, how old is it?nAsk him to keep staring at the door, he ran out once beforenHis mother, I picked up him about May, or a kittennHave you answered seven months, right?nQuestionnnAlmost, this was what I just picked up him. At that time in MaynAnswer the female cat about one year of age may be estrus. You touch its ass and see if it will cater to younThe appearance of your photos is normal for 3-4 monthsnIt's almost one year old like thisnThis situation will not get sick. The growing the cat, the more sticky people. You can see the part of its butt, that is, the back of the hind legs, to see if you cater to younMore 14nBleak

  3. That is the cat wants to communicate with you, interact with you, and get your attention. At this time, the owner wants to give it a corresponding reply.

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