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  1. The cause of the cat's not fatter
    1. There is a parasite in the body
    St. When there is a parasitic infection in the cat's body, it will cause the nutrition and blood in the body Vomiting, bleak hair, blood in the stool, frequent cough and so on. This situation will not only cause the cat's appetite, but also lead to malnutrition and anemia. In this case, cats naturally do not eat.
    2, poor gastrointestinal function r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r t, no matter how confident stuff is, I cannot absorb the nutrition of the food well, which causes how to eat it if I eat it. Essence Generally, cats with poor gastrointestinal function are relatively easy to dilute. The owner can judge whether the cat has this situation based on this.
    3. The amount of activity is too large
    . The size of the kittens is thinner. This is mainly because the kitten is relatively easy to move and the amount of activity is large. It consumes a lot of calories in excessive exercise. The amount of feeding is normal, but it is relatively thin. This situation will improve after adulthood, and cats will gradually gain weight after adulthood.
    4, low quality or low nutritional content of cat food
    mostly low -end cat foods of low -end evaluation are made of grains. The meat content is very low, and there is no. The reason why cats eat is because it contains a lot of additives, which makes cats eat a lot, but it is difficult to get enough nutrition. In addition, the cat's stomach is difficult to digest the grain, and the too much of the consumption additive is very harmful to the cat. It is recommended that the shoveling officer pays attention to the selection of high -quality cat food to feed the cat.

    If the cat is thin and not fat, you can try to change the cat's diet, choose a nutritious and palatable high -quality cat food to feed the cat. However, pay attention to changing the cat's diet step by step, so as not to cause the cat's gastrointestinal discomfort. If the cat's weight is still unchanged or there is a downward trend, it is recommended to take the cat to the pet hospital in time to allow the pet doctor to conduct a comprehensive inspection to check whether the cat has health problems. If a cat has potential health problems, it is useless to improve its appetite by changing the cat's diet, and it must solve the problem in its body. Assist cats based on pet doctors' instructions.
    . For example, there are parasites in the cat's body. In addition to removing insects for cats, the following tasks need to be done:
    1. Keeping the cat's living environment is clean
    News to clean and disinfect the home because of the disinfection of the home, because because If the family is not clean for a long time, the poor living environment will be more likely to cause their infection parasites. At the same time, insist on doing an in vitro dewracular deworming for the cat every month, and deworming in vivo every three months. rn2、使用优质猫粮饲喂猫咪rn猫咪在经过治疗后,需要补充更多的营养,建议购买动物蛋白含量高的猫粮给猫咪喂食,多给猫咪喂食一些高蛋白、 Low carbohydrates and food without grains. If cats are more lively and eat less, it is recommended to use high -calorie and high -fat foods to feed cats.
    The above is the analysis of the reason why the cat is not fattened. I hope that the cat will recover soon and restore it into a cute and healthy appearance.

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